Denise Zamora

Director of Ministry Leadership

Responsibility: In seeking to advance the work of the kingdom, my role is to oversee all operations and bring clarity, direction, and structure to each of our ministries by focusing on consulting, coaching, assessing, training, and the development of all ministries and leaders. This in turn, will equip and free leaders to thrive and lead from their God-given abilities and gifting.

Family: I married my best friend, Peter, in the spring of 2000 and I’m a momma to Micheal and Nicole. Every day they are a reminder of God’s grace and goodness in my life

Where did you grow up? I was born and raised in South Florida. My husband and I spent the first few years of our married life in his hometown of Marathon, Florida. Both our kids were born in the Florida Keys and we left a piece of our hearts there when we moved.

What do you enjoy doing? I love scoping out antique stores and country craft fairs. I also enjoy a good cup of coffee and reading! There’s nothing like the smell of a book.

What do you love about Homestead? I love that we are a hop skip and a jump away from the Florida Keys. I love that we live so close to an Airforce base, we get to hear the sound of F16s flying overhead. Mostly, I love that God brought us to this place. We didn’t choose it. We were on our way out of Florida, but He had other plans for us. Since we’ve been here, He has burdened our hearts for the people of this city. This is no longer a place we want to leave, but a place we call home.

How has the gospel changed you? The gospel showed me what the good news really is- that Jesus stood in my place, because I could not. He was enough, because I’ll always fall short. He became sin, so I could become righteous. I, a broken sinner, have been adopted by grace and redeemed by His love.

What are your hopes for Core Community? Many people see Homestead as a city without hope. But I know the Lord has called us to this place to show it’s people the Lord has not forgotten them. He desires to turn mourning into gladness, to restore what is broken, and to bring what is dead to life; that His name may be glorified and the gospel may be proclaimed.

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