Growing in wisdom from the book of Proverbs

Everybody wants to experience the good life. But what is the good life? Some say it’s a life of luxury, big house, nice car, kick back with no worries. But is that really the good life? If so, then it seems so far from our reality. It seems only attainable for the wealthy, a small percentage of the population who can escape to that. But what if the good life isn’t an escape from reality, but rather is the ability to wisely navigate reality?

When God made the world and everything in it, including us, He said it is good! And it was God’s desire for our reality to be the good life, a life of harmony, peace, and flourishing in every area of life. It was our sin that has robbed us of experiencing that. But the good news is that through Jesus we are restored to God, and then in a right relationship with Him, He gives us wisdom to live the good life.

This summer, like a son to his father, we will look to God for His wisdom to live the good life. Join us on Sundays, or listen to the sermon podcasts so we can grow in wisdom together from the book of Proverbs!

Sermon Schedule:

Week Of:TopicPassage
6/3The Good LifeProverbs 1:1-9
6/10Good DecisionsProverbs 3:5-12
6/17Good WorkProverbs 6:6-11; 10:4-5; 12:11; 22:29
6/24Good AngerProverbs 14:29; 15:1, 18; 16:32; 19:11; 24:29
7/1Good FriendsProverbs 17:17; 18:24; 27:6; 24:1-2
7/8Good IntimacyProverbs 5
7/15Good PlanningProverbs 15:22; 16:1-4, 9, 25, 33; 19:20-21
7/22Good StewardshipProverbs 11:23-28
7/29Good ParentingProverbs 4
8/5Good WordsProverbs 10:19-21; 13:3; 18:6-8
8/12Good PleasuresProverbs 23:19-35; 20:1

Reading Plan:

While our sermons will cover some of the Proverbs, you can go through all 31 Proverbs twice this summer by simply reading 1 chapter a day. Whatever day of the month it is, read that chapter of Proverbs. For example, June 1, read Proverbs 1. June 2, read Proverbs 2. Etc.

“For the Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding; he stores up sound wisdom for the upright; he is a shield to those who walk in integrity.” – Proverbs 2:6-7