Whether it’s anger, anxiety, guilt, or shame from current or past wounds, Care Groups provide a safe, confidential, biblically-based community to support more in depth care and healing for everyday issues we face. Each 10-week session is facilitated by a trained and experienced leader who has also participated in the same process you are invited to participate in. These groups are NOT professional counseling sessions. If you are seeking professional counseling, we would be happy to refer you to one of our local partners.
If you are considering participation, you will have an opportunity to confidentially explore details about the Care Group prior to making the 10-week commitment. In a confidential conversation, with Denise Zamora, you will learn what to expect each week, the topics discussed, and the group guidelines to insure a safe and confidential culture for each participant, along with answers to any questions you may have.

To initiate a confidential conversation with Denise Zamora, you can fill out a form, contact her via email care@corecommunity.org, or call our confidential phone line at (305)501-0647.

To sign up for the next Care Group or to get more information, click learn more.