At Core Community Church we believe the church is a family. Part of what makes a family healthy is communication and relationships. Our online community, CCB, is a tool that can help us better connect to one another and build better communication.

What is CCB?

CCB stands for Church Community Builder and is a tool we’re using that helps you connect to us and us to connect to you!

Why do we need CCB?

As the church grows, the family dynamic can become more difficult. People can come to our Sunday services and even be in groups without being able to fully connect with our family. CCB helps facilitate the relationships and communication both in big and small groups within our family.

Is CCB just another social network?

No. Networks like Facebook and Twitter are for individuals connecting to anyone while CCB is geared for our family members to connect with each other. CCB does not attempt to create a community in and of itself but rather facilitates the community that is already part of our family.

How will Core Community Church communicate with CCB?

Our leadership team will communicate to our family on church-wide, serving team, and group levels, using CCB to communicate ministry opportunities, events, prayer requests, etc. Leaders will be able to communicate with their groups and individual volunteers. Group members will be able to communicate with each other and their leaders.

How do I use CCB?

The easiest way to learn your way around is to sign up, log on, and spend time on it. Browse around and check out things. If you get really stuck there’s a link for help and video tutorials may come in the future.