Our vision is to see the world filled with the glory of God through followers of Jesus who believe the gospel, love God, live as family, and go on mission.  So everything we do is aimed at one thing…helping people follow Jesus.


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    The gospel is a message within a grand story that has the power to change everything. The message is that Jesus lived without sin, died on a cross to pay for our sins, and rose from the grave thereby offering eternal life to all who believe in Him.  The grand story is that God created the world for His glory, but all of us rebelled and sinned against God, and are thus separated from Him.  But because of his great love, he sent Jesus to redeem us, and he promises to return again one day to restore all things for his glory and our joy.  This gospel is the power of God to save us and to change us into the people we were made to be, rightly relating to God, each other and our world.



    God is worthy of our worship.  Everybody worships something, either created things or the Creator himself.  We worship what we most love. Worship is what we give our time, our affections, our energy, our thoughts, our money and possessions to.  Worship is what we serve that we think will satisfy us.  Because of who God is and what God has done for us in the gospel, we worship Him.  Everything we do is for His glory, that He might be proclaimed and made known as the only one who is worthy and who satisfies.



    God is a God of relationship; always existing as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  When he created Adam, he said it’s not good for him to be alone, so he gave him a wife and they became a family.  Jesus our Savior would be born through that family line.  And all who believe in Jesus are adopted to be God’s children, brothers and sisters together with God as our father.  Family is a place of belonging, a place of mutual love, service, care and authenticity.  Ultimately the family of God is the demonstration to the world that through the gospel, God can unite the most diverse of people.



    God was the first missionary, on mission to reconcile a lost and broken world back to himself.  Jesus was sent by the Father, and Jesus then sends the church out into the world empowered by the Holy Spirit to both proclaim and demonstrate the good news of his gospel.   Mission is not something that is just done overseas or on a special trip, but rather it is done every day of our life as we go about living our lives for God’s purposes where God has placed us. The church does not exist only for herself, but to be a light for all people so they can be reconciled back to the God who made them.

Our Core Values reveal the Core Identities we’ve been given and these Core Identities are lived out in our Core Practices. Click on the infographics above to view the next section.