Trying to Find a Balance

This September a movie came out called “The Walk.” It’s about the real life story of Frenchman Philippe Petit who famously walked from one of the World Trade Center’s twin towers to the other tower on a tight rope. Walking on a tight rope requires the walker to maintain balance when they walk from one point to another. Our Christian life also requires balance.  The life Jesus modeled for us shows us the balance between our 3 primary relationships: our relationship with God, our relationships with other followers of Jesus, and our relationships with those who don’t yet follow Jesus.

As Christians the most important relationship in our lives should be our relationship with God. After all he is the one who died for our sins in our place to make us new creations. Everything in our lives is impacted by what God has done for us in the gospel. So we don’t just worship on Sundays, but every day.  When we read our Bibles, when we pray, when we get alone to be with God, even for a few minutes, that’s worship. And that’s the foundation to balancing our faith, spending time with God.

We also need to spend time with the family of God. Rambo was an amazing movie. It’s about a solider that is essentially a one man army. He kind of reminds me of Geoff Wallick (the guy in the green shirt who welcomes people on Sundays). Rambo never needs back up, he never needs fellow soldiers helping him out. As Christians we are not spiritual Rambos. I have been in ministry for the last eight years of my life and I have to say that some of the darkest most sinfully-idolatrous moments in my life these last years have been when I isolated myself from God’s people. If Jesus did life and ministry with 12 other guys we cannot expect to do life and ministry in our neighborhoods and in our workplaces on our own. We need time with other Christians, encouraging each other in the truth of the gospel.  So if you haven’t yet, you should join a coreGROUP.

We sometimes forget that Jesus is building his church. We get weighed down and held back by American consumerism, by the pace of American society. We are always so busy. I’ve met sixth grade students with no job, who only take regular classes, who have told me that they don’t have time for spiritual things. I’m pretty sure that you are much busier than an unemployed sixth grader. Part of Jesus building his church is him sending out Christians to share the gospel with those who do not yet belong to Jesus. In Miami you don’t have to go far to find people who do not know Jesus. These are our friends and co-workers that need to understand the Gospel. And these are people that might never come to church, so we need to be the people who spend time with them and show them what a life of following Jesus looks like.

When Philippe Petit walked across the tallest buildings in New York City he faced the possibly of dying if he were to lose balance and fall. In our walk with Jesus we sometimes lose balance and fail God and others, but Jesus is merciful. He picks us up and leads us into a more balanced life. If we spend all of our time just with God’s people, how will the gospel spread? If we spend all of our time with non-Christians and neglect time with God’s people, we will find ourselves drifting from our faith and compromised.  We need to find balance.

Practical Theology: Spend 5 minutes praying about which of the 3 relationships you need to spend more time developing.  Then look at your calendar and see where you can begin scheduling time for each.