Sexual Sin

I found out last night that a professor from the bible college I graduated committed suicide. His name was on the list of names published during the Ashley Madison hack. If you haven’t heard, Ashley Madison is a website where you pay to meet other married individuals who want to cheat on their spouses. Computer hackers stole the user information and posted it online for the world to see. This professor of mine’s name was on the list. Now I don’t know if he actually committed adultery but having his name exposed was enough to push him to take his own life.

There is a progression to sexual sin. People just don’t wander into adultery. They end up committing adultery after thousands of little decisions to compromise themselves until they end up cheating on their spouse. It starts somewhere. Where it starts for most people is pornography. Porn is a serious issue in the American church. For many it is their secret sin. If you find yourself in this sin please know that there is hope in the cross of Jesus Christ. Jesus’ body was broken and his blood was shed to forgive us of all of our sins, including sexual sins.

Jesus not only forgives us of our sins when we become Christians, but continually in our Christian journey.  We are not perfect, so we continue to confess our sins and turn from them, growing in our love for God. Paul writes “Flee from sexual immorality. Every other sin a person commits is outside the body, but the sexually immoral person sins against his own body.”

To flee sexual sin is to run like a fugitive!  Run to Jesus, not from Jesus.  He knows and understands our struggle.  And like Danny preached on Sunday, we don’t run alone.  We run together, staying accountable to each other.   A website that I recommend to people struggling with pornography addiction is They have everything from accountability software, to ways to talk to others about your pornography usage, to articles encouraging you to pursue Jesus instead of the fantasy that porn offers. The resource of that website along with a friend in the church are two great ways to begin to flee sexual sin.  Will you begin to flee?

My professor felt like he was in a place that he could not return from. It breaks my heart because the truth is we are never beyond hope.  God is not finished with us yet. Our righteousness is in Jesus, he is strong where we are weak. Jesus will pick us up and carry us when we fall. Together, we just need to keep getting up, keep repenting, and letting him continue to give us grace in our weakness. Listen to these words from Matt Chandler to help you in your fight.