Theology Thursday: The Larger Story of Scripture – Creation

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In Genesis 1 God said, “Let us make mankind in our image and after our likeness,” and so he made Adam and Eve in his image and in his likeness. When I was in high school, the movie “The Notebook” came out. While I didn’t watch it in the theaters, there were many girls at my school that would tell me that I looked like the main actor Ryan Gosling. My heart would swell with pride whenever a person would tell me that. I took it as a compliment. Well, better than that is the good news that God says we are made in HIS image and HIS likeness.


I think we have the same nose- Jeff

This God who spoke the universe into existence, created the heavens, the earth, and everything on the earth, including us. Three times in the first three chapters of Genesis this God refers to himself as “us.” As Christians we know that this points to the truth that He is one God in three persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. So this one God has always existed in loving relationship with himself, and then out of that loving relationship, He creates.

For us, we display His image by the way we are relational, and by the way we create.  What do I mean?  Well, our desire and capacity for relationship is a reflection of the God who made us.  We aren’t meant to be alone.  And our desire and capacity to create, to work and cultivate what God has given us also is a reflection of Him.  He is the only One who created something out of nothing, but we create art and culture and music and business and families because we are made in His image.

Does this make us equal with God?  Not at all.  He relates and creates because He is God, we relate and create for our God!  This is worship!  The way we relate to each other and the way we create is all so the world may know this amazing God who has made us.  We do it not to display our glory, but to show the world His glory.  That’s why worship isn’t just singing in church, but rather, all of life can be worship!   It’s how life is meant to be.  Next week we’ll look at why it doesn’t always go that way!

Theology In Practice: For 5 minutes this week watch a sunrise or sunset and think about how amazing and creative the God we worship is.

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